Meet & Greet
31 May · De Kabalaza - Plot 17 Bukoto

Most of us recognise that networking is beneficial to our careers. Yet for some reason, we only think of its benefits when we are job hunting, but connecting with other professionals can help with every aspect of career development so don’t just reach out to other professionals in times of crisis; rather invest in these relationships throughout your career - Mariliza Karrera

Don't miss the opportunity to grow your network at the Uganda Marketers Society Meet & Greet. It's free for members and UGX 20k for guests.

31st May 4 PM - 8 AM
04:00 PM
De Kabalaza - Plot 17 Bukoto
Uganda Marketers Society

The Uganda Marketers Society seeks to remain the most relevant influence informing marketing in Uganda: an essential community for professional marketers

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