Kigezi Tourism Marathon
02 Jun · Kabale-Lake Bunyonyi, Kitumba, Uganda

The Cluster has noted with concern that Lake Bunyonyi’s sustainability is under threat due to silting and the health of the surrounding communities is at risk. To address this environmental, social and economic challenge, the Cluster resolved to start an Annual Kigezi Tourism Marathon. The theme for this year’s marathon which is to be launched from Kabale Stadium on 2nd June, 2019 is; “Conserve Lake Bunyonyi, Save Lives”. This is intended to raise funds for conserving the shores of the Lake by planting appropriate trees on its banks, and some roads as well as address a major health challenge. The funds raised will be used to purchase 10,000 tree seedlings and re-roof the buildings of Bwama Hospital which were blown away by the wind.

2nd June 4 AM - 7 AM
04:00 AM
Kabale-Lake Bunyonyi, Kitumba, Uganda
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